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  • The Great Railroad War of Oregon
    Railroad Barons, Hill and Harriman battle along the Deschutes River.
  • Murder of Whitman Family
    Missionary blamed for the deaths of Cayuse Indian children.
  • Chief Joseph, Nez Perce Indians
    Nez Perce Indians chased by Calvary and Army General.
  • Gold! Gold! Gold!
    Gold is discovered in Oregon In southern Oregon, in 1852, near the town of Jacksonville, gold was discovered.

This newest edition uses a “perfect” binding instead of a spiral binding. Everything is now contained in just two books: (1) the Student Workbook to study in and (2) the Score Key/Tests/Test Key booklet. Each can be purchased separately for your convenience.

This is a comprehensive, integrated two-book curriculum of the history of the state of Oregon for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.It is presented in a refreshing, easy-to-read format with abundant graphics. It is a concise, one-volume student workbook, with support booklet designed to be self-instructional or lecture taught. This student workbook will be a welcome addition to your Christian School or home school curriculum and will guarantee your students a thorough understanding and lasting appreciation of Oregon State History. Your student will be learning Oregon History in a positive, motivational workbook format.

Oregon History Book Curriculum, By Georgia Pennington Sligar

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