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The Great Railroad War of Oregon

Railroad Barons, Hill and Harriman battle along the Deschutes River. James Hill and Edward Harriman each owned a railroad. Both men wanted to beat the other man and become the first to build a railroad into central Oregon. Hill was on the east side of the Deschutes River and Harriman on the west side. The […]

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Murder of Whitman Family

Missionary blamed for the deaths of Cayuse Indian children. Marcus Whitman and his wife Narcissa came to the Pacific Northwest to help bring the Word of God and healing medicine to the Indians. He chose the area in eastern Oregon / Washington, a place known to the Cayuse Indians as “Place of the Rye Grass.” […]

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Chief Joseph, Nez Perce Indians

Nez Perce Indians chased by Calvary and Army General. After many skirmishes, Chief Joseph just wanted peace for his people. He was betrayed by the U.S. Army and General O.O. Howard when treaties were broken by the Army. When gold was discovered on Nez Perce land, the Army said the Indians had to leave. Chief […]

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Gold! Gold! Gold!

Gold is discovered in Oregon In southern Oregon, in 1852, near the town of Jacksonville, gold was discovered. As more and more miners flooded the area a railroad line was built between Medford and Jacksonville. Learn how the local school youngsters kept the supply train from reaching Jacksonville. Find out how to mine gold by […]

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